About Seaman Network

President, CEO, Founder, and anything else that needs to be done, Gideon Seaman has over two decades experience finding and making deals against all odds. His understanding of the current consumer markets and connections within them continue a long line of varied successes across a wide range of industries.

His story starts in the late 20th Century when, at an early age, he found his calling as a Horse Whisperer in northern Texas. His family and friends grew up near the Ft. Worth Stockyards and anyone who saw him work just said it was in his blood. At first, it was the colts and ponies who pulled the strongest towards him, and within 3 years, he was training in lower level dressage and show jumping. Said he could just smell what was on a horse’s mind. The youngest of his time, he eventually whispered for greats such as Low-tide Waistcoat, Flamethrower, The Jolly Robertson, and Hard Tack.

Since his retirement at the top of a celebrated Whisperer career, he has gathered a team of experts to bring the same level of courage, dedication, and mindfulness to the world of Network Hardware. At Seaman Network, our goal is, and will always be, the financial and technological success of our customers. Whether it’s an office refresh or a single unit needs a part, Seaman Network is here to help.

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